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Be a hreo in their hard times!

Stand in the gap for families during the deductible crisis

This January and February, some families will have to find a way to pay up to 40% of their annual out-of-pocket medical costs. When their health insurance deductibles reset on January 1st, they were confronted with thousands of dollars in additional bills—like adding another mortgage or rent payment a month.

No matter how carefully they save and prepare, it’s a serious financial blow, especially for the more than one in four Americans who are underinsured.

Right now, you can stand in the gap for them. Help raise $30,000 for PAN Foundation grants by February 29th. Raising $15,000 a month is a great way to commemorate our 15th-anniversary year—and help more families through a hard time.

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These grants, provided by caring people like you, never have to be paid back to PAN. They’re a gift that lifts a burden from families who might otherwise have to make some very tough choices—like whether to pay the heating bill or refill a prescription.

Thank you

for being a hero to people

facing life-threatening, chronic and rare diseases!

PAN is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization and does not distribute donor information to third parties.

We appreciate your generosity. If you need assistance completing the online donation form, please call us at 1-866-316-7263.